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Designing on Koozies

We have a variety of koozies to choose from, everything from simple foam can coolers to zippered bottle koozies that fit your drink like a glove. No matter what koozie you have chosen, there are some guidelines for what makes the perfect print. Due to the flexible, slick, and rounded surface of a koozie, certain limitations are made during the printing process. Let's go through each area one-by-one to see what makes the best final product!

Which fonts work best?

A font that is bold and does not have small details works best on a koozie. Be careful of fonts with serifs (those little points that flick out at the end of some letters), or fonts that have very thin lines. The thicker the font, the more surface it has to adhere to the koozie. Most of our fonts will work on koozies when sized appropriately.

If you're unsure about how a font you like will print, give us a call! We can help you make sure that the font you've chosen will come out looking great.

How will my artwork print on a koozie?

Just like the font, artwork on a koozie should be simple and bold. We adjust any clipart, as well as your own images, to print perfectly on a koozie. This means removing any small details that may flake or not adhere to the koozie, and smoothing out any fading or gradients. Your resulting image will be bold and noticeable!

Can I print a photograph on a Koozie?

Custom Ink is excited to offer the Full Color Koozie! If your image is high resolution (at least 200DPI), try choosing the Full Color Koozie in the Lab. You can put your photograph on the koozie, and it will print directly onto the surface (with ink, not a heat transfer or appliqu'e). The full color koozie can also print finer detailed font than other koozies. Check it out in the Lab or give us a call at 1-800-293-4232 to speak with a design specialist!

What colors will really pop?

Similar to t-shirts, koozie and ink color combinations look more vibrant on a computer screen than they do in real life. This is usually because lighting in the Lab is optimal (no shadows or dim light), and computer screens often have filters to make colors appear more vibrant. While this filter makes your daily computer use more visually exciting, it does alter the colors that you see in the Lab.

When choosing Koozie/Ink combinations, try for the most contrast possible! Using a dark colored koozie with a bright colored ink, or a lighter koozie with dark ink will get the best print. Due to the curvature and size of a koozie print, the ink is a bit thinner than other products, so choosing a bright color will get the best look on your koozie.