Custom design services
just for you

Whether you need help creating the perfect custom design or elevating one you’ve already started, we have you covered!

A cool t-shirt starts with a great design, and with us, you don’t have to be a designer to make a shirt that people will want to wear again and again.

Two great options

If you’re looking to elevate a design you’ve already started, you’re probably looking for a design upgrade. If you need help creating something new, you should consider a custom design. If you aren’t sure, just call us at 866-313-5988 and we’ll help you figure out what’s best for you.

Design upgrade

Design upgrade

Design upgrade

$25 | One revision included

  1. 1 Create a design in our Design Lab
  2. 2 Receive an upgraded design based on your idea
  3. 3 Look great in your new custom gear!

Custom design

Custom design

Custom design

$150 | Three revisions included

  1. 1 Submit a sketch, photograph, or even just an idea
  2. 2 Have a personal consultation with one of our reps
  3. 3 Wear your awesome product with pride!

We make creative dreams into custom designs

If you’re starting out with an idea, concept drawings, or designs saved in our Design Lab, using our extensive artwork and font library, or working within a budget large or small, the Custom Ink art team is here to partner with you to create an amazing design you can be proud of.

Meet the Artists

Our team of Graphic Illustrators will take you from big idea to reality.

Picture of Alan


Alan never leaves home without a pocket copy of Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Picture of Kate


Kate can often be spotted wearing her signature glasses and Zack Sabre Jr. wrestling t-shirt.

Picture of Paulina


Paulina loves to eat Bún bò Huế (rice vermicelli soup) and is utterly devoted to her iPad Pro.

Picture of Sam


Sam is amazing at sleight of hand tricks and always has the best snacks.

Why custom design matters

At Custom Ink, we believe custom gear has the power to bring groups together. It’s an incredible way to add a special touch to any event, whether it’s for your office’s kickball team, your next family reunion, or joining forces and rallying support behind a cause or an individual. Our team wants to help you create something you can wear and remember for years to come.

No matter what your goals are, they’re unique to you, and we at Custom Ink want to make sure you have a unique design just for you. Let’s work together to bring any and all your ideas to life because we also believe that everything is better when it’s inspired by you.

If you still aren’t sure which service is right for you, don’t worry. We can help. Just call us at 866-313-5988 or Start a Chat.